Our Story


Exorphe Collection is a company that specializes in menswear, inspired by today's environment to give his creations that respond very well to the needs of their modern consumers.


Exorphe Collection aims to boost its brand neckties, bow ties and pocket square on the urban market and haute couture in the next two years, in addition to expanding the number of employees and always be the benchmark when it comes to accessories.


Exorphe Collection accessories are products made entirely by hand. These items are distinguished by the choice of quality fabrics, and different methods of manufacture, which makes them unique and not comparable to what you can find on the market. The materials used are carefully selected and fabrics are of high quality leather to polyester and wool with a touch of cotton.

Target Market

Our creations are ready-to-wear for any customer wishing to bring a touch of personality to their outfits. The products are available online at www.exorphecollection.com.


Exorphe Collection is managed by a team well established and well known in its field. The founder and creator of Exorphe Collection, Christopher Exorphe, a young designer / stylist that since his debut has worked with many artists including Wyclef Jean, and has experience and expertise to carry out a quality collection. If you have any inquiries, please don't hesitate to comunicate with us